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Welcome to Southern Unite Seafood

The clear cold waters on the southern coast of Australia are home to some of the best seafood in the world, and also to the fishermen who supply Southern United Seafood with the freshest fish and crustacean.

We bring in lobster from the rocky South Australian coast, abalone from Victoria and Tasmania, Morwong from the South Pacific Ocean off Tasmania and snow crab from Western Australian waters. Southern United Seafood ensures the quality of this produce, packaging it with the utmost care and selling it throughout Australia and internationally to America, Asia and Europe.


There are plenty of fish in the sea and Southern United Seafood supplies an endless variety of species including live Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii), King Crab (Pseudocarcinus gigas), Crystal Crab (Chaceon bicolor), Champagne Crab (Hypothalassia armata), wild caught green lip and black lip abalone as well as live Australian fin fish species.

To cope with customer demand a new line of frozen seafood has been created, including lobster and lobster tails, individually quick frozen (IQF) green lip and black lip abalone, retorted (fully cooked) abalone, and a line of canned abalone meat.

Since 1995 Southern United Seafood has been building a reputation for supplying and exporting outstanding quality seafood. Prices are constantly reviewed to ensure we are competitive and value for money. Today, our seafood can be found in some of Australia's top restaurants and is available wholesale at the factory outlet store.

Southern United Seafood complies with the stringent Australian government export legislation. As an EU listed exporter, we ensure all our products are packaged under AQIS standards and that only the finest quality products are sold within Australia and Internationally.

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